About me

William Lautama is Industrial Engineering student at Bandung Institute of Technology. Student of life who wanna be explorer around the world. Passionate in business, character development & etc… Great fan of Harry Potter, Transformer, and some superheroes 😀

His life began at 20, has been living as a gift and enjoying every bit of it even when reality squeezes into its worst scenario possible, combining of successes and failures. He thinks outside the box and break the limits as limits only exist in our heads. Besides hectic days in college, currently William is dedicating himself by actively involve in several organizations to do social project, networking, and enrich insight.

His character is koleris-sanguinis. He loves to speak out his idea and take initiative (koleris side). He has good interpersonal skills, communicate well with any status, and enjoy working in as team player or independent (sanguinis side). He is well organized as an enthusiastic worker with high endurance and performs up to his best. In personal, he is developing both his softskills and hardskills. In professional, he is developing his skills on coordinating subsidiaries, solve challenges in organization, and build the relation with youth & business leaders. Mostly read & talk about business and youth activities. I would like to learn more about creative strategic planning, business, and marketing.

I am not perfect but I am limited edition
For collaboration and partnership opportunities, kindly contact me on twitter and my Linkedin. See you 😀

8 thoughts on “About me

  1. sartika permatasari

    salam kenal kak william,,,
    kak bisa gag postingin cara atau formulir untuk dapat beasiswa Astra
    makasi sebelumnya kak

  2. Ladies Nikita Alamanda

    salam kenal kak william. Saya ladies mahasiswi ilmu kelautan undip 2013 sya harap kaka membaca comment saya, kak mau nanya dong gimana ya cara ngedapatin formulir program beasiswa astra. Soalnya info tahun ini kurang begitu jelas. Saya juga sudah kirim e-mail ke astra tp blm ada balasannya. Tolong infonya yah kak makasih


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